Our vision

 World is beautiful, but we are increasing this beauty by our products, and left Palestinian & Jerusalemite fingerprint on the face of this earth, so we will not get out of it but after produced the beauty for those who comes after us. We found to stay and continue.

Our message

Calling to action, perseverance, & work to raise our flag, and support the local and national economy, and dissemination of colors and beauty in every area from around the globe, and build a strong relationship with our customers & partners through the cooperation with them & meet their needs wherever they are.

Our Policy

Walking to the satisfaction without injustice or cheat or deceive, honest and secretariat of our principles, to compete with honor and ethics. Manage our factories & companies with wisdom & modern science & technology.

News & Ads


Recently an exclusive agency & limited partnership agreement had been signed between Beauty Paints Factories Company & one of the biggest European Companies to produce Flecks & particles paints.

With the beginning of winter Beauty Paints Factories Company push to the markets new waterproof products to protect & insulate surfaces and roofs.

Beauty Paints Factories Company prepare to start producing new putties for filling holes and repair cracks in surfaces with new technology by the first of the new year 2015.

Beauty Paints Factories Company prepare to start producing new decorative paints by the first of the new year 2015.

This month, new show rooms had been opened in Nablus, Qalqiliah & Toolkarem cities. To have more info please contact us.

Khayal Antique “Flecks” now in markets. To have more info please contact us.


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Years of Experience

Beauty Paints Company is a Palestinian company Jerusalemite by origin, birth and identity. It was first established in the heart of Jerusalem in the early fifties of the twentieth century where it was the first Palestinian company at large working in paints.

The establishment of this project was not by accident, it was the fruitful result of a number of years in love with paints. A number of experiences, skills and expertise were collected through travels in order to establish the dream of the project, in the suitable shape, quality and resources taking into consideration that the world of color, paints and chemicals had already been restricted to the west and new to this country.

Along the years this project grew gradually feeding upon serious work, accurate planning and vision moving from one phase to another steadily leaving great impact on the ground.

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