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Beauty Paints Factories Company

Miracle of Colors

Beauty Paints Company is a Palestinian company Jerusalemite by origin, birth and identity. It was first established in the heart of Jerusalem in the early fifties of the twentieth century where it was the first Palestinian company at large working in paints.

The establishment of this project was not by accident, it was the fruitful result of a number of years in love with paints. A number of experiences, skills and expertise were collected through travels in order to establish the dream of the project, in the suitable shape, quality and resources taking into consideration that the world of color, paints and chemicals had already been restricted to the west and new to this country.
Along the years this project grew gradually feeding upon serious work, accurate planning and vision moving from one phase to another steadily leaving great impact on the ground.
This Project began in the first place to sell readymade paints then moved into import and then manufactured high quality paints resulting in a magnificent, innovative, honest and unique company with well trained experienced staff ready to excel in the field.
As a first priority Beauty Paints Company aims at meeting the needs of the Palestinian market and pleasing its wide clients in all governorates of Palestine using modern equipment and successful technological production lines.
Because colors are the cornerstone of beauty, B.P.C insists on acquiring the loveliest colors and paints in water and oil texture as well as the sweetest designer lines in order to meet the needs of the clients all over.
Beauty Paints Company puts in the hands of clients the finest skills of 50 years of constant, nonstop experience in the world of color and design.

We are here to STAY…….

ADV. Ibrahim M. Al-Ghawanmeh


Certificates & Specifications

Beauty products affords many local & international certificates and analysis, conducted in public & private institutions such as; Palestinian Institution For Standards and Metrology, Jordanian Royal Scientific Society, Chemriz & Eckart Institutions. Beauty Paints Factories Company worked hardly to develop and improve their products and produce all that is new & modern, and keep up with international companies with the best & washable products.

Activities & Contributions

The most important activities of Beauty Paints factories Co. holding meetings with traders, dealers and distributors regularly and continuously, and to give technical courses and professional technicians and vocational colleges, and workshops and so on with the engineers and contractors to inform them of all that is new in the world of paints, and to respond to inquiries and questions. In addition, the Company constantly relay news of their products in the market and its applications to find the most effective solutions to the problems that may face technicians and workers. The company also continue to contribute in various economic activities and scientific, locally and regionally and internationally, such as scientific conferences, paint galleries & showrooms, and  the chemical & engineering industries meetings and showrooms.

Our vision

World is beautiful, but we are increasing this beauty by our products, and left Palestinian & Jerusalemite fingerprint on the face of this earth, so we will not get out of it but after produced the beauty for those who comes after us. We found to stay and continue.

Our message

Calling to action, perseverance, & work to raise our flag, and support the local and national economy, and dissemination of colors and beauty in every area from around the globe, and build a strong relationship with our customers & partners through the cooperation with them & meet their needs wherever they are. 

Our policy

Walking to the satisfaction without injustice or cheat or deceive, honest and secretariat of our principles, to compete with honor and ethics. Manage our factories & companies with wisdom & modern science & technology. We develop the old, work to find new, training of our staff, work to continually raise their abilities. Also working on expanding our markets & our sales development, modernization of our products, the development of the company’s departments and improve our services to be the expectations of our customers and our customers.

Our targets

– Continue the same level at which we started & move forward & raise the level of non-stop.

– Maintain the quality of our products with clean environment, health of our consumer, & work on the development.

– Harvest what we planted during the decades-long satisfaction of our customers and suppliers, and achieving the wishes of our customers, and increase the trust between us.

– Develop and raise the capabilities and potential of our management & our production & increase the efficiency of our staff.

– Access to international & Arabic markets, and increase our sales.

– Obtain technical certificates & industrial MMCrypto institutions & global analysis.


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